Points of Contact [AAREA.CO], 2018

“Points of contact”, recovers O grupo inteiro’s research on the “invisibility fields” of technology and the impact on Praia do Futuro, a famous coastline in Fortaleza, Ceará. Set out in the 1970s as a public space of urbanistic exploration, the beach’s first impeller was an elitist progress that ended up triggering real estate speculation in the region. With the arrival of businesses to serve the demand of bathers, an important popularization of the area took place, currently turned into a site of acute social inequality, and recently also a data hub connecting Brazil to the world. In 2018, the South Atlantic Cable System was installed at Praia do Futuro, an underseas cable of more than six thousand kilometers destined to transmit information, linked to the city of Sangano, Angola.

“Points of contact” reflects on what exists behind the celebration of technological prosperity, unveiling the so-called abolition of frontiers by the internet, both physical and imaginary, despite the reiteration and intensification of social tensions by the digital world. Propposing itself to the widespread understanding of internet as an immaterial “cloud” of information, at once democratic and decentralized, it evokes such ecology of backsides over which the digital world is built, thus corroborating and updating colonialist practices. Presented in www.aarea.co, during february 2019, the work composes a cartography of contemporary life by videos, texts, and a real-time data confluence, mapping the disposition of telecommunication cables, monitoring through satellites the actions and moves related with the flow of airplanes, atmospherical conditions, and real time actions, placing narratives that reveals movements otherwise inapprehensible to the gaze due to its excessive, programmatically dispersive character, which also enable to render invisible the structures of reproduction of power.

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