METACOZINHA [Casa do Povo], 2015

Metacozinha results of ideas and desires that have emergedcollectively – a space for rest, a place of gathering and meeting,a support of objects, a display for magazines, a flexiblestructure, an object that reveals itself and hides itself.Art, architecture and design played the role ofchoreographers in this action, in charge of translatingpossibilities into a concrete proposal: a furniture designed forthe kitchen, but that could be taken to other spaces of Casado Povo, a piece of furniture that serves for practical uses, butan also turn into a backdrop; after all, a structure designed torelate to people that uses the space, a structure with whichbodies can interact in different ways:Sit, crouch, touch, support, lie down … and feel differentmaterials and textures: wood, steel, marble, cotton.

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