FIELDS OF PREPOSITIONS [Sesc Ipiranga], São Paulo, 2016

Fields of Prepositions – Sesc Ipiranga, conceived BY O grupo inteiro, is a reflection ON forms of communal living – both as coming together and clashing – considered FROM the perspective of Sesc Ipiranga’s communal areas. The project multiplies different fields OF relations BETWEEN things, people, places and narratives. It connects events BETWEEN current local dimensions of the Ipiranga neighbourhood, the monument at the site of Brazil’s proclamation of Independence, in 1822, and across-the-board policies in Brazil over the last few years. Fields of Prepositions takes place over time and space through installations, performances, meetings, diagrams, publications and an online platform. Artist-academics FROM Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, London, as well as other guest artists, will take part in the project, in tune with the modus operandi Sesc has been developing for over 30 years: its histories, its outlook on the plural, its ability to reinvent itself and fit so completely, and yet so distinctly, into the city.

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